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Chapter 108 A Crowded Situation at the Serenade

  • Christopher was momentarily shocked upon hearing the mechanical voice in his mind. Immediately after that though, he revealed a beaming smile. This system reward is awesome!
  • Right now, Christopher had 30,000 Thumbs-Up points which he had no intention to use at the moment. He reckoned it was better to exchange it for some more recipes. The more the recipes he possessed, his Thumbs-Up points would surely increase too. This was quite evident.
  • As soon as he realized this, he went to bed and had a restful sleep. The following morning, Christopher drove his Ferrari and made his way to The Serenade. He didn’t mean to flaunt it but since he was in possession of his exclusive ride, then surely it didn’t make any sense to catch the bus or take a cab. That would seem quite silly.
  • As soon as Christopher arrived at The Serenade, he suddenly realized that there were no empty parking lots by the entrance. He saw in front of his eyes a huge crowd that milled around.
  • Stunned, he blinked a few times. He thought that this was all in his imagination so he shook his head all of sudden. However, the crowd in front of him didn’t disperse and right in front of his very eyes, he saw that the crowd remained milling around in their positions.
  • “What the heck is going on here?” Christopher was stunned into oblivion. How did The Serenade increase in popularity to this extent in just one day’s time? He exaggeratedly thought, If I don’t accelerate and take down the crowd, I probably won’t be able to make my way inside!
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