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Chapter 107 Gift of a Watch

  • As soon as the woman came closer and stood in front of them, Christopher realized that she had an ordinary look. Her make-up was quite light and she had a kindly expression as she smiled. Meanwhile, she looked at Maryse with a face full of delight.
  • This was Samantha’s aunt—Janice. She immediately reminisced about old times with Maryse as soon as she came toward them. Midway into her conversation, she also occasionally stopped her sentence to praise Samantha for being so good-looking. The latter, on the other hand, couldn’t control herself and revealed an abashed look, which attracted the attention of a lot of people.
  • Christopher noticed the crowd and he responded by directly pulling her closer to him and moving closer to her as he spoke. Meanwhile, the crowd’s eyes blazed red out of anger and most of them were quite tempted to leap forward and teach Christopher a lesson.
  • After quite some time, Christopher lightly pinched Samantha’s tiny hands to signal to her. Subsequently, she gave a slight nod of her head before walking toward Janice. “Aunt Janice, I’ve got a present for you.”
  • As soon as Simon heard her words, he couldn’t help sneering. The Townsends usually buy us quite shabby gifts. However, not long after that, he noticed Christopher by the side and his eyes lit up all of a sudden. This is great! Simon rubbed his hands together gleefully and smiled as he waited expectantly.
  • Just then, Samantha smiled shyly and opened up a dainty little yellow box to reveal the golden watch nestled in there to everyone.
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