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Chapter 106 Throw Money at Someone

  • Maryse gave Christopher a shocked look as she didn’t expect that he would turn up. Immediately after that, she glanced at her daughter standing next to her and she finally realized what was going on. She shook her head and heaved a sigh before indicating that everything was fine.
  • “Is he Samantha’s boyfriend?” Simon focused his eyes on the Ferrari and there was an obvious glimmer in his eyes. His originally cold expression suddenly turned into a fawning smile.
  • Although he seemed rich, he was quite aware that he was merely a nouveau riche. Actually, he only had several million dollars so after purchasing a property, there was no way he could afford to buy a Ferrari that was worth millions of dollars. This is an actual rich guy here.
  • Christopher heard his words and casually cast his eyes on the man in front of him, who had thin lips and was quite chubby around the face, and asked, “And this is?”
  • “Oh—I’m Samantha’s uncle. Samantha’s Mom and Linda have a very close relationship. Our families are very close to each other too. Don’t you agree, Maryse?” Simon maintained a beaming smile but at the same time, he shot a look at Maryse, who was standing by the side. His last sentence was spoken in quite a commandeering tone of voice, which resulted in Maryse heaving a silent sigh.
  • “Yes, that’s right.” Maryse stared at Simon. Then, she hurriedly nodded and replied; it was as if she didn’t want to disrupt this current peaceful situation.
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