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Chapter 105 The Scene of the Wedding

  • Naturally, Christopher didn’t know someone was spying on his place. Of course, even if he knew, he would only have smiled. After all, he had already fed his four pieces of centuries-old Unique Cookware to his Bonus XP Pet. As if they could still be stolen!
  • Carefree and unimpeded, he drove his Ferrari all the way to another store. During the seven-minute drive, he received plenty of awestruck looks from pedestrians and other road users.
  • The store where he stopped was called Patek Philippe. Despite its Swiss name, he was very aware that it sold some of the most luxurious watches worldwide. Patek Philippe was the most prestigious watch manufacturer in the world, and it was precisely due to this that he decided to enter the store today.
  • “Chris, are you going in to buy…” Samantha pointed at the door timidly. She, too, recognized the brand’s fame, but the thought of their prices horrified her. The watches could cost hundreds of thousands at the very least. On average, they cost millions and the most expensive of them could run up to tens of millions.
  • Nonetheless, he nodded with a smile. Currently, he still had over two million in his card and while he couldn’t afford the most expensive Patek Philippe watches, there was plenty for him to choose from in the average range.
  • After opening the car door and stepping out, he stared up at the storefront. Upon nodding with satisfaction, he walked in without hesitation. Soon, he reemerged with a bag in his hand. Thereafter, he winked at her and got into the Ferrari.
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