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Chapter 104 A Fight Between Tina and Leonard

  • “Reconcile?”
  • Christopher froze upon hearing that but he did not slap Tina’s hands off. Instead, he just looked at her indifferently as he voiced out his question.
  • When Samantha saw Tina’s actions, she felt quite nervous. Suddenly, she was fearful of Christopher leaving her. Worried that he might leave her, she grabbed his hand forcefully in that instant.
  • After noticing his reaction, he revealed a relieved smile. Seems like Samantha is really worried about me.
  • “Yes. We have been together for three years. That’s true love! I suddenly realize that I truly love you. Please don’t leave me!”
  • Tina looked at the Ferrari next to her longingly as she also grabbed him tightly, unwilling to give him up.
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