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Chapter 103 Please Step Aside

  • There was a hint of arrogance to Leonard’s smile as he wondered to himself how a poor, pathetic loser like Christopher could possibly think himself rich just because he knew a few upper-class folk. What’s so great about being able to buy a car using a beautiful woman’s money?
  • It was apparent that Christopher was poor and simply having a stroke of luck, or he would not dress so shabbily.
  • After Leonard glanced at the cheap shirt on Christopher’s back and then down at his own suit that was worth more than ten thousand, his self-confidence returned.
  • I’ll be able to win that woman’s heart as long as I successfully show off my riches in front of her, he thought sweetly to himself.
  • “Leonard, Tina, never thought you’d be together now,” Christopher greeted calmly and expressionlessly.
  • With an envious look at Samantha, Tina mocked, “Jealous? I was right to leave you. You know nothing and have nothing—no car, no house, no money. Leonard has all of it. Look at you, though. How did you even trick that woman next to you into being with you?”
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