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Chapter 102 Meeting Leonard and Tina Again

  • On this day, Samantha was wearing a pink chiffon dress. Her shoulders were bared and her fair, rosy skin stood out against the fabric of her dress. With her clear, bright eyes and the cute bow at her waist, she looked extraordinarily beautiful.
  • The dress was one of the outfits that Christopher bought for her previously.
  • “You look so pretty today, Samantha. When I look at you, the other pretty women fade into the background,” he complimented, staring at her in awe as if he was looking at an angel.
  • A hint of happiness appeared on her face and she bobbed her head lightly before lowering it. It thrilled her to be complimented by the person she liked.
  • “Are we leaving now, Chris? I’ve yet to notify my mother!” she informed him before asking for his opinion.
  • In response, he shook his head. “No, not yet. We’re going shopping to get your aunt a surprise present.”
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