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Chapter 101 Lend Me 5 Million!

  • Currently, everyone was staring at the Hundred Tonics Nourishing Soup like they were staring at a bar of gold. There was greed in their eyes, exposing the longing in their hearts.
  • This was especially the case for the fat man from yesterday. After hearing the night before that the soup allowed the thin man from yesterday to have sex with three women consecutively, he was here again today. After all, he could not stand to lose to that man.
  • I have to get that soup today, he thought ferociously to himself, clutching tightly onto the armrest of his chair with his right hand. The determination on his face grew more and more obvious.
  • In the meantime, Luna stood off to one side and she had a smile on her face as she looked at the people in the room before lightly calling out, “Given yesterday’s bid, we are starting at 500,000 for the Hundred Tonics Nourishing Soup today.”
  • “Wow!”
  • There was an uproar from the crowd once they heard the price. Faces of surprise stared up at her but when they remembered that the soup went for 510,000 yesterday, they all smacked their lips and fell silent, not daring to speak up.
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