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Chapter 6 Shocked

  • Jackson.
  • Shell shocked, I stared at her as she chewed the large piece of meat she had bitten off. I was speechless as I stared into her defiant large brown eyes. I couldn’t believe what I had just witnessed. Having tried very hard to ensure that my reputation was the worst it could possibly be, I was utterly shocked by what she had done. Everyone knew not to mess with me because I was not the best at controlling my temper.
  • Had it been any other person, I’d have snapped their neck without thinking twice, but for some reason, I could not raise my hand to hit Kelsey. When she finished eating the meat, she crossed her hands over her chest and leaned against the wall then stared at me. I tossed her the remainder and she caught it instantly, before biting large pieces and chewing them. She had surely worked up an appetite.
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