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Chapter 56

  • Jasmine was invisible, while she went in search of Ryan. Though she knew Rose was powerful and can easily find her out, she still saw that as the only option she got to get closer to Ryan and help him out just in case Rose suspected anything . She walked past some group of warriors who were discussing. Their discussion drew her attention and she waited to hear what they were saying. Her invisibility was a plus to her cause she could stay very close to them without them noticing her. "The full moon is just a stone's throw away. Rose will soon overtake the world" one of the guards said The other frowned. "Don't you know that Rose taking over the world will be a disaster?" The other guard asked "No one cares about that. Once I get to live, I am ok" "You prefer to live as a slave than a freeborn?" "Everyone knows Rose is powerful. We can't overcome her. No one can. I have decided to be her follower to keep my life safe. So why can't you join her?" "I will never be a follower of Rose. I am only here because my life is important to me. I have hope that the kids will overcome Rose and we will be free again" "And what if they fail?" He sighed. "Tomorrow will tell. But whatever happens, tomorrow will determine what option I will have" "I will advise you to be her follower cause tomorrow may be too late" "I still can't believe you are already having a change of mind. You used to be a true follower. You were the reason I was here. You gave hope when I lost hope. Why have you suddenly changed your mind?" "There are some decisions you don't have a choice but to make.That is in the case of Rose. She's very powerful. We aren't even sure the twins and the rest are alive. We don't know if they are back from Alaska yet. We don't have hope. They can't save us but Rose can" "I still believe Rose can be overcome and I know the twins will succeed" Another guard who had been listening to their conversation keenly spoke up, "You both had better watch what you're saying. If Rose finds out you are having this conversation, your head will be rolling on the floor" The two guards adjusted themselves and kept shut. Just like the other guard had said, their lives are in danger if Rose finds out they had been talking about her. Jasmine sighed. So many people are looking up to them for better days. If they fail, a lot of lives will be at stake. If they fail,not only did they fail themselves but all those looking up tk them. All those that have seen them as their hope will be disappointed. Their lives won't be safe anymore. People will become slaves to Rose and if they happen to be alive, they will become a slave to her too. What about those that had rebelled against Rose?. Rose who due to the hope that had in them had gone against the rules of Rose?. They will be killed without a second thought. Many packs and covens will be in desolation just like the Silvermoon pack. She sighed. There's no time anymore. They have to do something today. They shouldn't wait until the full moon. They need to overcome Rose early enough before she gets stronger and wins the battle. ** Ryan had been having a conversation with Rose. She was trying to keep her busy until Jaine and Ariana finishes their task.It's been an hour and he was running out of words. He wasn't sure if they had succeeded or not and was afraid Rose might start suspecting him. Sitting with Rose and not been able to pour out his anger on her was something he was also trying to hold. Seeing the one who was the cause of his father's death and trying to hold himself was very difficult for him. For everyone which revenge was their sole aim trying to withhold themselves from harming whosoever had hurt them is the hardest thing to do. And looking into the eyes of his enemy with a smile plastered on his face and claiming to be ready to work with her, was something he had to do, for himself, his father, his new friends, and for every other person that had been a victim of Rose's wrath and also for those who believed in the prophecy.There had been silence for a few minutes now as Rose kept staring at him. At first, he wasn't sure if she was trying to see if he was been truthful with her or she was trying to try his patient so he could flare up and tell her the truth. He tried to keep a straight face. He also made sure he wasn't having direct eye contact with Rose. Rose after staring for a while sighed and stood up. She smiled. "Ryan, you want me to believe you are willing to work with me even when you're aware I killed your father?" Ryan gulped down nothing as he felt a lump in his throat. Though he was ready for the worst, he never thought Rose could ask such a question . He mentally slapped himself. Of course, any other sensible person would have asked the same question. Any other person would have had a doubt. Only a person who doesn't think wouldn't think that way. It's difficult to believe him. It's difficult to believe that he is willing to work with her despite having lost his father and knowing she was responsible. Rose might have thought about it. She might have suspected he wants revenge and sees this as the only opportunity to get closer to her. He sighed. He needed to sound convincing as possible. If that means he had to pretend he is happy with his father's death. He sighed. "I know you killed my father but I don't care. You might have thought I came here for revenge but no. My dad is an enemy that needs to be eliminated". He stood up and walked closer to her. "You know how I had always wanted to work with you and how my dad had always prevented me". Rose nodded. "I wanted him dead too.I wanted to kill him too but your boys got did that before u could" Rose frowned. "I was told your dad helped you to escape?. He asked you to look for the twins and redeem yourself". Ryan froze. How did she know all this?. How did she find out?. Rose turned to face him. "How do you expect me to believe you?" Ryan was short of words. "H-he..." Rose moved closer to him and gripped him by the neck. "Ryan, you're too small to want to play with me. Do you think you can walk into my territory and cook up some stories and expect me to believe you?. You will die like your father" Ryan coughed. "D-dont kill me" Rose smiled. "I won't kill you now. You will be a better instrument to me. I need to know what those brats have in mind". She held his neck tightly, entering into his head,she was able to go through his memory. She scoffed. "Those brats plan to attack tomorrow?. Gosh" There was a sudden whirlwind that appears and Ryan was taken away from her. She screamed. Who was powerful enough to do a spell despite having blocked other spells from working?. Who used black magic?. She was so angry and was bent on finding out who had done it. When she finds out who is responsible, she won't spare him or her!!. The whirlwind that had taken Ryan away dropped in the wood with Jasmine standing right in front of him. He batted his lashes. It was difficult to believe Jasmine could save him. "Thanks for saving me," he said. He never thought Jasmine could risk her life to save his. He did not only see it as a surprise, he saw it as a rare opportunity. Jasmine sighed. "We have to find the rest.We need a plan or Rose will win" Ryan nodded. "We should run along then" ** Jabal was growing impatient. It's past two hours now and Jasmine isn't showing up. He was beginning to doubt that she is safe. What if she's been caught?. What if she is injured?. What if she is even dead?. Different thoughts ran through his mind. Thoughts he dreaded could is true. He paced around for a while. "I am going in there" he spoke up Ariana batted her lashes. "You can't. It's risky and you know that" Jabal frowned. Of course, he knows. But seeing his twin been safe is his priority and he is ready to risk his life irrespective of what happens to him in the end. "I am going. Don't try to stop me" Ariana made to say something but Jamal spoke before she could. "They are here" Jabal turned.He could see Jasmine and Ryan running in their direction. He ran to meet them. He hugged Jasmine. "I thought you won't come back" Jasmine whined. "You're suffocating me" Jasmine chuckled. "Good to see you again "He patted Ryan. "And you too" Jasmine sighed. "Rose knows Ryan works with us. She knows we are going to attack tomorrow. We can't wait until tomorrow before we attack. We have to do it now" The rest were surprised. "What do we do now?" Jasmine sighed. "Nothing. But we can't go back to the house. Can I see you, Ariana?". Ariana nodded. They walked away from the rest. "We will make a plan alone. Just the two of us. Rose has cast a spell on Ryan. Everything we say here, she will find out.We are going to attack tomorrow but we just have to make them believe it's today. We can't tell Jamal or Jabal either. Do we have a deal?" Ariana nodded. "Sure"
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