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Chapter 10

  • It was another day for the secret meeting of the earth witches. They needed to know the progress on the issue at hand, which Is how to defeat the black witch of the Ivory Coast. The only person that had put great fear in their tender hearts. The witches were seated and murmuring as usual. They were getting impatient already. Ella, the white witch of the Ivory Coast walked in with her daughter and Alora, her second in command. Everywhere became silent and the witches stood up to honor her.
  • She waved at them, smiling. They waited for her to sit before they sat down too. She smiled. "We bring good news to you all. The twins are already manifesting their powers. In a few days, they will be eighteenth and their power will be fully manifested". Shout erupted in the coven. This is good news for them. She raised her hand to stop them. "But there is a problem". They stared at her with curiosity written all over their faces. Different thoughts running through their minds. "What could the problem be?" They thought.
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