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Chapter 3

  • Emerald woke up in an empty room, tied to a chair. Everywhere was dark, she had to close her eyes and open them slowly to adjust to the darkness. "Who is here?" She yelled, trying to free herself.
  • "Relax darling ," someone said. She raised her head but could not see anyone. She strained her eyes trying to see who had talked. "It good to see you again Emerald"
  • "Show your face!!" Emerald yelled
  • "Are you so desperate to see my face?"
  • "If you're strong enough. Then show your face"
  • Laughters echoed in the room, annoying Emerald the more. "Light on!!". The light came on and she closed her eyes quickly. "Good to see you old friend"
  • She opened her eyes to see the black witch of Ivory Coast. She batted her lashes in surprise. "Ri..... Ri...... Rita?" She called still surprised
  • Rita dragged a chair and sat down. " Good to see you, Emerald"
  • She rolled her eyes and groaned. "I should have known"
  • Rita laughed. "How have you been?"
  • Emerald hissed. "What do you want?"
  • "You know what I want"
  • "I don 't know and I don't care to know!!!"
  • Rita laughed. "You're still as aggressive as you've always been". She stood up from the chair. "You're not ready for our chat. I'll be back"
  • Emerald clenched her fist as she watched Rita leave. Why didn't she suspect this in the first place? Why didn't she think about the black witch of the ivory coast? Her once best friend had turned to her worst enemy. A friend who had betrayed the trust she had in her and had sold her out to the werewolf.
  • It was the full moon, a sacred time for the werewolves. Also, it a time for the witches, to choose the new White and Black witches of the Ivory Coast. They are only chosen, once in a hundred years, which made it rare and competitive. It has always been given to the best students of the year. On the day of their passing out, the two best students are made to fight against each other using their skills. Whosoever wins becomes the black witch of Ivory Coast and the second, the white witch of Ivory Coast.
  • Emerald and Rita were opportune to be among those passing out in a few days. Being known as the best two students, they will be going against each other. Everyone was busy and getting ready for that awesome day. It was on this faithful day, after their usual evening classes that Rita had told Emerald to join her in a stroll.
  • Emerald felt it was ok to stroll a bit. After all, they've been practicing for weeks. Being best friends, she never saw anything bad strolling with a friend. Not just a friend but a best friend. Although she knew Rita was always filled with mischief, she still trusted her and went out with her.
  • They walked for a while, chatting until they got to the Mile lines. It was a boundary created by the werewolves and witches, a long time ago after the clash between both parties . The Mile lines were created with the law that, whosoever crosses to the other side is liable to death. And it is known all over the world that werewolves and witches are great enemies.
  • "We should get back" Emerald cooed and stopped walking
  • Rita chuckled. "Come on, let's cross the lines"
  • Emerald froze. "No, you know it's against the law? What if we get caught?"
  • "We can't trust me. Just follow my lead"
  • Emerald's breath quickened as she finally agreed to follow her. They successfully crossed the line. Having walked deep into the werewolf territory, Rita rang the alarming bell and disappeared. How she did that still baffles Emerald to date. That was the last time Emerald tapped her feet in the earth witches coven. That was the last time she set her eyes on Rita, who must have known she was no match with her.
  • Emerald got caught and dragged to the Silvermoon pack. That was how she met her husband who was the Alpha of the pack. Things became worst when they realized she was their future Luna . Although it took them great sacrifice, she was finally accepted.
  • She furrowed her brows. It's been over seven years now. What does Rita want from her? Why is she after her now?. Those questions kept flooding her mind until she fell asleep.
  • **
  • The splash of water on her face woke her up . She looked around to see Rita smiling mischievously at her. Emerald hissed, narrowing her eyes. "What do you want?"
  • Rita chuckled. "Well, I think I don't need you anymore. I have the book of the witches already "
  • Emerald rolled her eyes. "What are you talking about?"
  • "It's none of your business. Just say goodbye to your love ones". Before Emerald could say a word, a sword pierced through her heart as she whined in pain." In case you don't know why I hate you. It's before you're the one to bring an end to black magic"
  • "Wh......wh" Rita pushed the sword deeper until she gave up the ghost. After making sure she wasn't alive, Rita asked for the body to be disposed of. Although her body was disposed of, it got missing, a few hours later and no one could say what happened.
  • **
  • Marshall returned with the twins and his son to see if the Alpha and his Luna were alive but was met with isolation. Everywhere was quiet, and no one would have believed that the once beautiful and lively Silvermoon pack could be rendered useless. Lives have been wasted. And It's going to be a day to remember, for every soul that was able to escape. Afraid that he might be in danger, Marshall flew to the human territory and vowed never to let anyone know his real identity, nor that of the twins.