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Chapter 2 Jealousy And Anger

  • After school, I followed Harper back to her place as I parked in my normal spot along the curb.
  • "Do you want to swim before dinner?" Harper asked as she unlocked the front door.
  • It was a surprisingly hot day for Portland today and I could use a cool down after another run-in with Asher. He'd be home later and God only knew what he'd do to piss me off again. A cool down was just what I needed.
  • "Yes, definitely."
  • We went up to Harper's room and changed into our bikinis. I basically had my own dresser of clothes here and she had a dresser at my place too. We were inseparable and always together, so it only made sense that we had our own spot for clothes at each other's houses.
  • The house was still quiet when we left her room and headed for the pool outback. I was glad that Asher wasn't home yet and prayed like hell that he wouldn't show up until later. I seriously didn't want to have another run-in with him so soon after the first one.
  • Harper threw on some upbeat music and then we jumped in. The cool water felt amazing against my skin as I floated on my back and waded in the pool.
  • Then I heard laughter coming from inside the house as my eyes whipped open. My gaze turned toward the direction of the sound, and that's when I saw Asher and his buddies walk in. They didn't seem to notice us out in the pool and I silently begged for him to keep walking. Don't come out here. Please.
  • Asher looked through the patio doors and saw us in the pool as a wicked grin spread across his face. I did not like that look one bit. He was up to something. I could feel it.
  • He walked in our direction and I panicked.
  • No, no, no! Why can't he just leave us be?
  • "Hey, girls," Jake rasped as he looked down at us. He was one of Asher's best friends and not bad looking himself. Then he looked at me. "Hey, Layla."
  • Why did I cringe when he said my name that way? Jake was hot and most girls would kill to be with him, so why didn't I?
  • "Go away! We're having girl time," Harper whined as she tried to splash them away.
  • Asher snorted and shook his head. "You two are always having girl time. You know this is my pool too, right?"
  • No. He was not going to join us! I will get out if he does.
  • Asher kicked off his shoes and pulled his shirt over his head, and I gawked like an idiot. He was so gloriously sexy and I couldn't stop staring. His muscles rippled in the sunlight and a perfect V stretched into his jeans before it disappeared. My mouth watered at the thought of what was in those jeans of his. His dirty blond hair was a mess on top of his head, but oh what I wouldn't give to run my hands through it. I was completely mesmerized by the sight of him. Nobody should be allowed to be that attractive. Nobody.
  • Why does the guy I hate so much have to be this hot? Why does the guy I hate so much fill my dreams at night? And, why does the guy I hate have to be my best friend's brother?
  • He kicked off his jeans and ran toward the pool as he jumped in and made a huge splash. I wiped away the pool water and saw Jake and their other buddy, Tate, jump in as well.
  • "Well, there's my cue..." I pouted as I swam toward the edge of the pool.
  • I jumped when I felt someone's arms wrap around my waist and hold me tightly against their chest. I looked over and saw Asher holding me, and for a split second, I was excited. He was holding onto me and it felt amazing. His arm felt so good around me as I felt a sizzle run up my spine. But then I remembered that I hated him.
  • I smacked his arm. "Let go of me, Asher!"
  • "Asher! Don't be a dick," Harper scolded.
  • Her assistance was adverted when Tate swam toward her. He began to playfully splash water at her and I knew I was doomed. Harper had a huge crush on Tate and had for years. Anytime Tate showered her with any kind of attention, I became nonexistent.
  • "Asher, please!" I stopped squirming when I knew I was losing the battle.
  • He lowered his face into my neck and whispered, "I can't wait to hear you beg my name when I'm doing something else to you."
  • Holy shit. Did he just say what I think he just said? I felt goosebumps cascade across my skin and straight down between my legs. This was not how my body should be reacting to him. I wanted him to touch me elsewhere to make this ache disappear, and somehow I let a moan escape my lips. I quickly slapped my hand over my mouth and cringed when his arms tightened.
  • Then he released me as I swam away, but I turned back to look at him and gulped. He looked at me with surprise and I cursed. I had worked so hard to make him think I couldn't stand him and then I let out a moan?! What the hell is wrong with me?!
  • Jake swam over toward me and wrapped his arms around me next.
  • "Jake! No!" I cried as I latched onto his arms. I couldn't help but look over at Asher and noticed the scowl on his face. What the hell was that? Jealous? Anger?