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Chapter 6 Perfect Match

  • Tang Muyue knew very well what Song Jingyuan had in her mind.
  • She pushed Song Jingyuan’s hand away and replied politely, “It’s fine, I’ll go and sit with the class monitor.”
  • Song Jingyuan was annoyed. Just as she was about to stop Tang Muyue, the latter had already left.
  • Tang Muyue sat directly opposite the class monitor, who seemed like an honest person with golden-framed glasses and a polite demeanour.
  • Tang Muyue recalled that he had excelled in his studies back in university. They clicked immediately because her results were on par with his.
  • On the other side of the lounge was Gu Chenxuan. He was annoyed and upset when Tang Muyue ignored him.
  • He had disliked Tang Muyue in the past despite how good-looking she was. Her sense of fashion was too odd and avant-garde. She had always turned heads with the choice of clothes she wore. He desired sexy women - those who looked charismatic and attractive both inside and out.
  • It was tonight that he realized Tang Muyue could be one of these women, too. She had forsaken her past styles and transformed into a sexy woman.
  • The new Tang Muyue matched his taste perfectly!
  • Song Jingyuan approached Gu Chenxuan as if she could read his mind. She comforted him, “Don’t mind her. Who knows if she’s just playing hard to get! Just think about how crazily head-over-heels she has been about you.”
  • Gu Chenxuan pondered for a moment. What she said made sense, so he felt better.
  • Song Jingyuan hid at a corner. She was suspicious of the sudden change in Tang Muyue. She was staring at Tang Muyue like a hawk, paying attention to whatever she was doing.
  • Meanwhile, Tang Muyue once again felt that malicious gaze. She didn’t even bother to turn around to check because she clearly knew the source of that death stare.
  • It was the woman who had murdered her. Tang Muyue found it suffocating to fake her smile around Song Jingyuan, but she understood the time for confrontation had yet to come. For now, she could only dance along with Song Jingyuan.
  • With that in mind, she went over to Song Jingyuan, holding a glass of champagne, “Jingyuan, I’m bored. What should we do?”
  • Seeing Tang Muyue approached her, Song Jingyuan became more at ease and let down her guard. She laughed, “Let’s go get some drinks! It’s such a lively event - it would be a waste not to have some fun. Cheers to our friendship, Muyue!”
  • Tang Muyue smiled cordially and went along with her.
  • “Muyue, it must be tough for you to face that ice-cold Li Xuanxiao every day. Let’s get drunk tonight and enjoy!”
  • “Sure.” Tang Muyue agreed. Soon, the glass of champagne was finished and Song Jingyuan immediately poured her another glass.
  • Tang Muyue knew her tolerance for alcohol was not great, so she had come prepared. She had taken medication to prevent her from getting drunk, so she could drink without worrying.
  • Soon after, Tang Muyue’s cheeks became flushed. She massaged her temples and lazily said, “I… I can’t do it anymore. Wash… I need to go to the washroom.”
  • Song Jingyuan flashed a cunning smile at this great opportunity and responded slyly, “Oh, I’ll go with you.”
  • “No… I’m fine by myself,” rejected Tang Muyue as she dragged herself away.
  • Song Jingyuan wouldn’t let this golden chance slip away. She immediately finished off her glass.
  • She went to Gu Chenxuan’s side and passed him a hotel room’s access card, “Oh, Young Master Gu, I’m sorry to trouble you. Muyue is drunk and she has just left. Could you please help me send her upstairs to the hotel room? Here’s the key.”
  • Gu Chenxuan immediately took the card. How could he say no? He was deeply attracted to Tang Muyue tonight from the way she dressed.
  • He immediately rushed out, but couldn’t manage to find Tang Muyue anywhere. He scratched his head as he turned into another corridor.
  • It was then that Song Jingyuan took out her phone and sent a text to Li Xuanxiao:
  • Young Master Li, I am with Muyue at a classmates’ gathering, but she is slightly drunk, and Gu Chenxuan has just sent her back to her room. I wonder if they would…
  • Meanwhile, at the Li Group Corporation.
  • Li Xuanxiao had just stepped out of the meeting room. He had spent the day attending back-to-back meetings, and didn’t have any time to check his phone.
  • He suddenly felt annoyed. He took out his phone and saw the photo sent by Tang Muyue, in the purple tulle dress with a bright smile on her face.
  • He rarely saw her in such great mood and couldn’t help but lose himself in that smile of hers.
  • At that moment, another notification popped up. It was Song Jingyuan’s text. Within seconds, his face turned dark.