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Chapter 9 Her not so dream wedding

  • Liliana dozed off in the hospital bed after the medication took effect and dreamt of the events seven years past.
  • “And now I pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.” The priest announced.
  • Liliana’s heartbeat picked up as Jonathan leaned into her to kiss her. The first kiss that she had saved up for him.
  • She was a bundle of nerves. It was quite unlike her calm, collected, and confident self.
  • But the moment their lips met, he said the most hurtful words she had ever heard, “Did you think you could be my wife because you schemed and trapped me into this? You can enjoy the vacant position of Mrs. Smith that you covet so much. But you will never have a place in my heart and life.”
  • The others saw them as a loving couple who kissed and cherished the moment that bound them as one.
  • But Liliana knew that it was the beginning of her doom.
  • Her father had coerced her into the marriage, and she knew his family had forced him.
  • But she had held the hope of living together harmoniously as they got to know each other and gradually fell for each other.
  • He had shattered her hopes for a happy marriage with the same kiss that had bound them as one.
  • The odious ceremony was complete, and they maintained the loving couple facade before others.
  • Liliana could see the hatred in Lydia’s eyes.
  • Her father, Lester Aprice, had remarried only a few weeks after her mother’s death. Lydia was her stepmother - Rose’s daughter.
  • But Lester had taken everything from her, his biological daughter, and given it to Lydia, who was not related to Lester by blood.
  • Liliana knew Lydia best. She knew the night of her wedding would not end without a few ‘gifts’ laid for her by her so-called sister.
  • She gritted her teeth and followed the flow. As hurt as she was by Jonathan's indifference and disdain, she had no time to dwell on it.
  • There were worse things than him awaiting ahead.
  • Sure enough, some people point-blank asked her how she managed to trick Jonathan into marrying her.
  • Liliana took note of all those ladies but kept mum, looking at them frostily. She was coerced and forced to endure all injustice.
  • Thankfully her humiliation did not last long as Jonathan retorted by asking if they thought of him as a push-over.
  • She knew he had probably only said it to save his image. But she was grateful that no one dared to make things difficult for her.
  • A few ladies had escorted her to her wedding room at 1 am. As soon as she was alone, her intuition proved to be correct.
  • She had only drunk a little, but she was already feeling dizzy. Moreover, as soon as the ladies who had escorted her left, four men came out of hiding.
  • She did not have time to react as a screen lit up, showing Lydia’s smug face - “How do you like my present, little sister?”
  • Liliana did not doubt there were hidden cameras in the room.