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Chapter 8 Vivian Stone

  • Jonathan had only ever had Lil in his mind and heart.
  • He never had any girlfriends or scandals, but even so, girls would find their way into his hotel rooms, or his associates would send him ‘gifts.’
  • He had dealt with all of them harshly. But even then, they never stopped. The slim prospect of being the young mistress of the Smith Group was too much of a temptation.
  • He had met Vivian Stone on a business trip around four years ago.
  • He realized he had been drugged and locked himself in his hotel room.
  • But unfortunately, whoever had schemed against him had thoroughly prepared.
  • He was locked inside, the landline was dead, his cell phone had no reception, there was no WIFI, and worst of all, there was no water in the bathroom.
  • Jonathan had thought that if he did not die, he would surely get a psychological disorder other than kidney deficiency.
  • It was then a male voice knocked on the door.
  • Jonathan had assumed the voice sounded like his assistant - Vincent and Jonathan had confirmed it multiple times.
  • When he was sure, he asked him to open the door using the master key from the hotel manager and take him to the hospital.
  • But when the doors opened, it was Vivian Stone who had stepped in before locking it again.
  • She had come wearing lace lingerie which did not leave anything for imagination.
  • The sight had immediately repulsed Jonathan.
  • Even when his body was increasingly hot and uncomfortable, he had seen her as cheap.
  • She had proposed a deal - she would be his on-call girlfriend and get rid of all females around him. He would support her family business and admit to the rumors regarding the two of them.
  • He hated being coerced and had told her to fuck off.
  • But she had sat there silently, waiting for the drugs to override his rationale.
  • The last thing he remembered was passing out after hitting his head on the wall.
  • When he woke up in the morning, he was naked in bed with Vivian Stone. And there were reporters taking pictures.
  • The so-called agreement had his thumbprint.
  • He had left the phone recorder on since someone knocked at the door. But in the morning, his phone was in pieces. He had no evidence to refute the rumors in a way that would not harm him or the Smith Group.
  • He had fed her emergency contraceptives and left. She had, however, toed the line since then. So, he did not pursue the matter immediately.
  • He never slept with her or took her anywhere, but he never denied the rumors of Vivian being his girlfriend.
  • At least the flies that buzzed around him had stopped.
  • Since that incident, he had maintained a habit of keeping some anti-dote on him whenever he went to social gatherings.
  • Jonathan was vindictive. He never planned to let Vivian off the hook. He had just delayed it as it served its means.
  • Now, the time had come for him to get even with her.
  • Jonathan took a deep breath and rested his eyes.