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Chapter 11 Help a stranger

  • Liliana had been wearing a mask to ensure she was not recognized.
  • As luck would have it - her father, Lester Aprice, and her step-sister, Lydia Aprice, happened to arrive at the same time.
  • Ironically, it was Lydia and not her biological father who had recognized her.
  • Lydia berated and called her names, but Liliana only looked at her father. Lester, however, treated her like foul air.
  • Lydia had always been impatient, and in less than two minutes, she was infuriated by Liliana’s indifference. She rushed toward her, but Liliana sidestepped, and she fell on the ground due to inertia.
  • Lester finally reacted as he slapped her in the face.
  • That was what Jonathan saw as he exited the lift with his assistant.
  • “What’s going on here?” He asked coldly. He did not seem to like the Aprice family either.
  • Before Liliana or the receptionist could reply, Lester said, “This shameless shank pushed Lydia, causing her to bleed so much. She kicked a fuss out of nowhere and hurt her.”
  • The receptionist looked at him with her eyes wide open.
  • Jonathan just frowned. Liliana smiled in self-mockery.
  • Jonathan said, “Take your fights elsewhere, or I will have the guards throw everyone out. You are in the Smith Group, not an alley.”
  • He left after saying that.
  • Lydia feigned hurt and sniffled, “Jonathan!”
  • He frowned and said, “I am busy. Get out of here.”, before striding forward without a backward glance.
  • Lester grabbed Liliana and forced her to a hospital. She did not resist, not even when he told the doctor to draw 1000 ml of blood from her body to compensate Lydia.
  • Liliana did not mind.
  • It would be the last time she had allowed him to hurt her. From that day onward, she would get rid of the Aprice surname. He did not deserve to be her father.
  • However, she was worried about the child in her belly. Drawing that much blood would undoubtedly harm the fetus.
  • She did not have to worry too much as Jonathan’s assistant, Vincent, came and stopped the transfusion.
  • He said they had checked the footage in the reception and knew that she was innocent. He apologized on behalf of Smith Group for the injustice she had suffered.
  • He gave her a card and asked her to contact him if she ever needed any help. The Smith Group owed her one.
  • Liliana realized that Jonathan and Vincent had not recognized her. They merely offered help and compensation to a stranger who suffered on their territory.
  • This time, Liliana kept the card and left P city after a few days.
  • She would return when it was time to take back what was hers.
  • She met Henry on the flight. It was quite a blessing since he was highly skilled and helped her a lot.
  • Unknowingly, Jonathan had defended her, prevented rumors about her, saved their kids from harm by stopping her blood transfusion, and donated blood to Li over the years.
  • Liliana did not know what to think about all of that.
  • Perhaps they were always fated to cross paths.