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Chapter 3 Inexplicable emotions

  • Henry took Jo from Liliana’s arms and only then noticed Jonathan.
  • “Jonathan, what are you doing here?” Henry asked.
  • “Survey. Smith Group will acquire this.” Jonathan replied succinctly.
  • “Oh. Yeah! I forgot you were expanding in Maple city,” Henry said.
  • “Is she okay?” Jonathan asked about Jo.
  • “Yeah, she will be fine. Why don’t you come to the hospital with us? Her twin has the same blood type as you.” Henry asked.
  • “Okay,” Jonathan replied before Liliana could interject. She only frowned but did not say anything.
  • She had already gathered her purse and phone. The rest of the shopping bags were with her bodyguard.
  • Jonathan took her frowning to mean she was in pain, so he offered his help.
  • “It’s fine. I can manage.” She cut him off but limped the next second.
  • He took her purse from her and hung it in his arms before picking her up. Liliana widened her eyes, but Henry showed Jonathan how to hold her without hurting her injuries. She could only shut up and not overthink.
  • They arrived at the hospital at the same time as Nathaniel Green, Joyanna’s older brother of 15 minutes.
  • “Li?” Liliana exclaimed and tried to jump off Jonathan’s arm.
  • He held her tight and walked forward hastily instead.
  • Eric was holding Nathaniel, and they all made their way to the VVIP ward. Henry’s assistant had reserved and prepped it for them in advance.
  • Eric smiled at her and said, “Don’t fret, Lil. He is doing fine. Just fell asleep on the way here.”
  • “Thank you, Eric,” Liliana smiled as she caressed her son’s face.
  • “Don’t be a stranger,” Eric mumbled.
  • “In that case, get me CCTV footage from the mall earlier,” Liliana said.
  • Eric clicked his tongue in feigned annoyance.
  • Jonathan responded before he could say anything, “Give me your number. I will send it to you. My assistant has already emailed all the footage to me.”
  • Liliana was stunned, “Thank you.”
  • Jonathan smiled warily, “I could not protect her. It was my fault.”
  • Liliana felt her heart clench at those words. ‘What does he mean? Does he know?’
  • She kept silent, a frown on her face, as she thought about it all but couldn’t fathom his words.
  • The two men assumed she was in pain and kept quiet as well.
  • Jonathan placed her gently on the bed. Eric and Henry laid Li and Jo in adjacent beds.
  • Henry called another doctor to look into Liliana as he hooked both kids to the various monitors and took their vitals.
  • Jonathan watched from the sidelines - many different emotions jumbled in his head. He could not tell what exactly he was feeling, but the inexplicable feelings in his heart and eyes were turbulent.
  • But he knew one thing for sure. He had a score to settle with several people.
  • Jonathan had been around enough to see that Vivian had deliberately tried to harm them. He did not know why, but he was determined to teach her a lesson.
  • And other people misled him when he was searching for a certain someone. He would get even with them as well.