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Chapter 10 Honey Traps

  • Instead of defending herself, Liliana turned off all the lights. That had caught the assaulters off-guard.
  • As expected, she sneaked out of the window and locked herself in the small study room.
  • She could tell she was drugged, but there was no way she could escape and continue to keep her cover.
  • Without bothering to take off her gorgeous wedding dress, she submerged herself in the cold water of the tub.
  • Just as she had dozed off, the bathroom door was pushed open.
  • Her husband came stumbling in and cursed.
  • “I never knew you would stoop so low that you drugged me.”
  • He was sluggish as he tried to lift her and throw her out. But unbeknownst to both, they ended up consummating their marriage.
  • As they were about to drift to sleep in the morning, a few maids barged in, helped them change, and dragged them out of the room.
  • They got their marriage certificates in their muddled state.
  • Everyone who looked at them saw a loving couple who couldn’t keep themselves sober enough to get the certificates. But they were barely conscious - with drugs, drinks, and sex - to realize what was happening.
  • They had brunch as planned. Who would have imagined that the groom’s 77-year-old Grandmother would mix aphrodisiacs in their food before locking them in another bedroom?
  • The newlyweds fell asleep but, after a while, ended up following their instincts in their half-conscious state.
  • When Liliana regained consciousness again, it was two days after the wedding. She was alone and in a lot of pain. She seemed to be bleeding.
  • She had not hoped for anything, but it still hurt.
  • There were two red booklets on the table stand. Liliana opened it and laughed.
  • She did not know if she was laughing at the inebriated faces of the people on the marriage certificate or herself or her failed marriage.
  • Besides the marriage certificate, there was a platinum debit card and a note.
  • “The pin is ****. It is my assistant’s number *** - you can call him if you want anything. Or ask the butler.”
  • Her laughter died in her throat, and she sat there for - god knows how long.
  • She took a shower and left the house without taking anything - neither the marriage certificates nor the card.
  • She stayed in the hotel that was supposedly her dowry. The Petrova family doctor treated her and asked her to rest for a few days. They ran blood tests after a few days to ensure all the drugs were out of her system.
  • After three weeks, she found out she was pregnant.
  • She did not know what to do with the news.
  • Liliana knew it would be best to sit with her husband and clear things out.
  • She knew he hadn’t returned to their wedding home, so she went to the Smith Group instead.
  • She intended to make an appointment the standard way and not show off that she was his wife.