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Chapter 7 Past

  • Vivian had followed others and came to the hospital after them.
  • Seeing Jonathan help Liliana while being cold to her was very much an eyesore. She hated Liliana even more than she already did.
  • It had taken her years of scheming and swallowing her pride to become Jonathan’s girlfriend, and even though she knew it was but a hollow title, she had been satisfied.
  • But as soon as Liliana showed up, all his attention was swept away by her.
  • Vivian could not take it lying down. She followed them in hopes of finding out more about her.
  • But they went to the VVIP ward, and no matter what she did, no one revealed anything. Ultimately, she had no choice but to wait outside the hospital.
  • The only thing she had found out was that Jonathan had donated blood.
  • She was fuming when Jonathan came out.
  • He merely glanced at her coldly and strode off. Vivian felt like she could vomit blood.
  • Jonathan leaned in the backseat of the car and thought back on his life.
  • Lydia Aprice had indeed done quite well.
  • She had doctored the photos, altered travel and hotel records, ruined surveillance cameras, and so much more to mislead him. To make him believe she was the girl he had promised to marry.
  • When he was 22, he returned from abroad to take charge of the Smith Group. He began to look for his Lil, but Lydia showed up, saying it was her.
  • He did not believe her - her eyes were wrong. So he sent his subordinates to investigate. All the results pointed to Lydia.
  • But deep in his heart, he did not believe for one second that Lil was Lydia. Even so, he could not rebuke her and cut her off thoroughly when she came claiming an acquaintance.
  • He let her twirl around him, hiding his annoyance, and would find one excuse or the other to get rid of her.
  • At that time, he was too busy trying to get his hold and prove himself in Smith Group. So, he had no time to think or worry about her.
  • Some five-odd years after he joined Smith Group, he had cemented his position as the CEO of Smith Group and expanded the group as was expected of him. He became relatively free, and she became quite an eyesore.
  • He had to get rid of her, so he sent her abroad to study further. He had taunted her that a young heiress or a woman wanting to marry into a noble family ought to have decent academic qualifications.
  • He could tell from her expressions that she had not gotten the sarcasm, but she did leave.
  • It had been five or more years since then, and she was supposedly still studying.
  • Jonathan would have forgotten Lydia’s existence had he not run to Jo earlier and realized how she had cheated him.