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Chapter 2 Mother’s protection

  • Jonathan tried to catch Joyanna, but Vivian threw herself at him. He missed at the last second.
  • He pushed Vivian away and rushed towards Joyanna, but Liliana beat him to it.
  • She clutched Joyanna, who was rolling towards the escalator, and tried to balance herself but failed.
  • Liliana realized they were going to roll down the escalator.
  • She bent her body and shielded her daughter’s small frame completely.
  • Jonathan ran towards them and held them, but they had already tumbled halfway through.
  • Liliana had no time to look at Jonathan as Joyanna was wheezing.
  • She ran, ignoring her wounds, and got her bag. She assembled the inhaler and cradled Joyanna in her arms.
  • “C’mon, Jo, breathe. Take a deep breath, Jo. Look at me, sweety.” She coaxed Joyanna and patted her on the back, soothing her.
  • With her other hand, she called Henry Qazi, “Henry, come to the Western Mall, 10th floor, in front of Crosswords. Jo tumbled down the stairs. She isn't breathing well. Send someone to bring Li as well.”
  • Henry Qazi was the doctor looking after her twins Jo and Li from day 0.
  • She continued to caress Jo and called Liam Preston. Liam was the children’s godfather and army personnel.
  • “Damn it!” She cried as the phone went unanswered.
  • She called Liam’s accompanying officer, Eric, who picked up promptly.
  • “Tell Liam that we are in the Western Mall and Jo fell down the stairs and isn’t breathing well. I have called Henry.”
  • She hung up right after and focused on Jo.
  • Jonathan understood her kid had health issues, and she was probably well versed in it.
  • “Can I do something?” Jonathan hesitantly asked as she hung up and continued to massage Joyanna.
  • “Can you clear everyone? I need air.” Liliana said faintly.
  • Jonathan sent everyone away and made sure no one came close. Vivian tried to fake concern, but he threatened to throw her in jail if she did not stay away.
  • Joyanna started to take laborious breaths as Liliana kept talking to her.
  • “That’s it, baby, just a little more, and we can take the pump.”
  • “You are doing so good, my little bundle of joy. Keep it up, baby girl.”
  • “You are my whole world, Joyanna. I love you so much.”
  • “Keep it up, Baby! For me, please. I know it hurts, but please keep breathing.”
  • “Five more, and we will take the pump.”
  • “You can do it, Jo.”
  • “That’s my girl.”
  • She breathed a sigh and gave her the pump as she asked her to blow on it ten times.
  • Joyanna started to breathe more easily after that, and Liliana slumped beside her, still cradling her closely.
  • “I am okay, Mommy,” Joyanna said word by word, which indicated how difficult it was for her to speak.
  • “You are so brave, Jo. Mommy is so proud of you.” Liliana said through tears as she continued to caress her back.
  • A few minutes later, Henry came and took a look at Jo.
  • Jonathan was surprised to see him, but he knew it was not the best time to ask.
  • Henry said Jo was okay. She just needed rest and monitoring. Then he looked at Liliana and exclaimed, “You look like a wreck, Lil. Hair-line fractures or at least ligament tears. Let’s get you to a hospital.”