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Chapter 192 Some Good News

  • After agreeing on a place and time, Summer got out of bed yawning. She washed up before tying her hair up in a ponytail, as well as putting on a jacket. When she went downstairs, Tyler was talking to Wyatt on the sofa, but both of them clammed up as soon as they saw Summer coming down.
  • Clearing his throat, Tyler examined Summer with his narrow eyes. “Hiya, you woke up quite early.”
  • Frowning, she stared at Tyler curiously while descending the stairs. “Why are you here?”
  • Tyler was Wyatt’s personal doctor, so his presence in the house upon their return made her wonder if Wyatt’s condition had worsened. Anxiety kicked in as soon as the possibility came into mind. She had so much fun when she was back in her village that she stayed longer than they originally planned, neglecting the fact of whether Wyatt’s body could handle it. Don’t tell me… his condition actually took a turn for the worse?
  • “Can’t I visit as a guest?” Tyler arched his brow at her. “I brought with me good news.”
  • Pouting, she doubted if he was telling the truth. “How could you possibly bring good news?”
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