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Chapter 49

  • I came out of the airport searching for one familiar face and there he was, looking exactly how I left him five years back. That same smile curving on his face. He was waiting for me, glancing at his watch and searching for me both at once.  I slightly blend in the crowd to make him a little wait but he saw me and as soon as that happened, it seems as if his heart stopped beating. He admiringly scanned my face before waving his hand to me.  I nodded with a huge smile. Finally, after five years, I am meeting him. It feels good to know that I am at home.  I've spent these past five years doing everything that I love. From studies to paragliding, I did all. I didn't have much time to from him. Occasionally we talked over the phone call, me asking about Claire and nothing much. No, I love you's, nothing.  Honestly, I enjoyed my life but back here to my home I know that I am going to love my life too. I am still not over with my hatred for Zach but now I've learnt that villains are people too and maybe Zach deserves a second chance. Now I am over Hunter. I don't love him, I'll always remember him though as a beautiful part of my life.  As I reached closer to Zach, the first thing he did was to hug me tighter as if he almost lost me. The smell of his Cologne entered into my nostrils making it hard for me to ignore my undeniable attraction to him. For the first time, I realized how f-cking hot he is.  The warmth in my chest remembered our last kiss, so to cherish it again, I pecked his lips. With my little action, he became super happy.  "How are you." He asked. "I am good," I replied. "Let's go home." He said. But I've planned something else for him. And for that, I've to take him to that place.  "Let me drive," I said. "But you might be tired." "I am okay, trust me." I drove him to the hotel which I booked a day before and smiled. Get ready for your surprise Zach.  "Why are we here?" He asked. "You'll see." I winked.  When we entered the hotel room, I asked him to sit on the bed.  "I am ready, Zach." "For what?" He asked in confusion.  I took his palm and with an assuring smile I said, "Make me yours."  He looked at me for a second before he exhaled. "I..I-"  "It's okay. I want it." I assured him. He nodded but the smile was missing.  "I...September. I don't deserve you. After what I did to you...."  I exhaled.  Uh. He's such an idiot.  I zipped down the dress from my body and sat on his lap. He gulped down his saliva. He was f-cking turned on! I encircled my arms around his neck and placed open-mouthed kisses all over his face. Passing my finger through his hair, I kissed him passionately. He was reluctant at first but soon gave in. Next, I know I was on the bed and he was hovering above me, placing kisses to my jaw. His one hand travelled to the south and in a swift of the moment, he tears apart my panty. His fingers softly creased the skin of my inner thigh as I craved for him to touch me there.  He started kissing me all over again and shoved his finger inside me. My breath caught up in my throat as he fingered me and a strong sensation nibbled over my body. I wanted more. I wanted more of him.  He grabbed my breast and softly pinched my n*pple making me moan in pleasure.  I threw my head back and moaned which made him ran his tongue all over my breast.  I quickly unbuttoned his shirt and zipped down his pant.  F*ck. Just do it already Zach. I can't take it anymore.  Before thrusting himself into me, he adjusted the pillow beneath my head and placed a kiss on my temple, murmuring "I love you."  I smiled at his sweet gesture and as I did so, he slowly thrust into me, delighting me with immense pleasure.  *** "Claire," I called out her name as soon as I reached home. She has grown taller and beautiful. I hugged her and kissed on her cheeks.  "I missed you. Dad missed you." She said.  "I missed you too, sweetie."  One by one everyone came and greeted me with hugs and telling me how much they missed me. All I did was to smile. It's been five years since I was away from them. "I thought you'll never return," Riley said.  I rolled my eyes at his sarcasm and with that everybody laughed.  After a few minutes, Zach came and like a lovesick puppy, I followed him in our room. The room was same, just as I left it.  This room has some bad memories and so do good. But however it is, I am happy now.  "Thank you for coming back to me," Zach said. "I'll always come back to you after all you own my heart." I smiled.  And with that my new story begins with my husband.
  • A/N: You can check my another story MARRIED TO MR. BILLIONAIRE.
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