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Chapter 12

  • I paced back and forth with my mouth wide open to cool the burning sensation over my tongue due to those f*cking chilies. This shit is too much to handle. I wiped away the saliva forming in my mouth and chuckled at the realization that my life is totally screwed up. Like it wasn't when you became the wife of a criminal and that too forcefully?
  • Shut the hell up September with your smartass comments. 
  • I rolled my eyes at my pathetic mind and stomped on my feet. Yep, just like a child. 
  • I couldn't help though, I just need to keep my senses sane. But at the same time, tears prickled down my face. Why me? Why I was the one, he has to marry? Why he killed my parents, my Hunter... Wait. Why haven't I thought this before? There must be some reason behind killing  my family, right? But what it could be? 
  • Revenge? No, not a chance. Dad was never the one to hold grudges against anyone.
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