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Chapter 27

  • A low groan escaped my lips when I tried to open my eyes. Inhaling a little volume of air, I blinked twice to force myself for trying hard to remember what had happened with me because right now the only thing which I can see was darkness. There was this sick headache which was all ready to kill me with it's sharp intensity. What the f*ck with me? Why the hell I am not remembering anything? I tried to get up and that's when it hit me that I was tied to the bed. I froze and clenched my teeth in irritation. Screw you, Zachary Wilson. But why the f*ck he has to tie me like this? 
  • Now what that monster wants? 
  • Licking my dried lips, I again tried to remember something but all in vain. It was like my head been banged to something which made me forget everything. But I am very sure that, Zachary is up to something.
  • " Baby girl." A familiar scary voice echoed in the room and all of sudden, my body froze in fear. 
  • The door flew open and the lights turn on. After adjusting my pupils to the bright light, I blinked and cast a look in the direction of the voice.
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