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Chapter 20

  • What the f–ck that criminal was up to? Since the minute, his health conditions had became stable, he was out of my sight. Ugh. I so wanted to kick him. He has already started messing up with my curiosity. He must be planning something because he had told me earlier that he knew something perfect to make me fall for him. I know that won't ever happen but still, I've this curious mind which will only relax when I'll figure out about his so called plans. 
  • I tapped my feet on the floor and waited impatiently for him to return back to his room but yet like past few hours, there was no sign of him. 
  • " Fuck him." I cursed under my breath and helped myself to lie on the bed. 
  • With my impatient thoughts, I buried my face on the pillow and exhaled a sigh. If only I have some super natural powers! 
  • I groaned in frustration and shifted my attention towards the door only to find Zachary entering inside. My lips curled up and I quickly get up and rush to him. 
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