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Chapter 22

  • " I was harsh with you, wasn't I?" Zachary spoke, finally breaking the silence. 
  • Chocking throat, threatening to f-ck, forcing to make me fall for him. It was warmest things anyone can ever say or do, right? I thought, sarcastically and it had taken all in me to not roll my eyes. 
  • I didn't replied anything and stared at my lap. To say I was scared last night would be an understatement. From past few days, I was only witnessing casual side of Zachary, which was anything but horrible and yesterday's night when he chocked me and threw nasty words, I realized that pig like him can only be scary. But what the f-ck is wrong with him? 
  • After yesterday, he was constantly avoiding me and now after almost twenty four hours later, he decided to ask that wasn't he harsh or not? Is he seriously bipolar or something? 
  • This Asshole had not once changed his soft side towards Claire. I wonder how that's possible, even? He was all in spitfire mood with me but with her, he acted like nothing happened. 
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