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Chapter 49

  • “I don’t want to!” Patrice protested at L.
  • They are sitting together in one of the benches in the garden of the school. Yes, L kidnapped her from Infinite to have some alone time together. Ha! Being sweet to Patrice in front of Infinite makes him flustered as hell. Well, it’s not like he is ashamed of her, it’s just that Infinite teases him too much after that. It annoys him.
  • L pouted. “WHY?! Just say it!” He insisted.
  • Patrice glared at him. “I don’t want to! Why would I even call you that?! It’s too embarassing!” She complained.
  • L glared back at her. “Embarrassing?” He asked.
  • Patrice nodded. “Yes! Embarrassing!” She replied.
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