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Chapter 38

  • Patrice stared at that small paper she received this morning all day long. She was not even paying attention to work already. She was at lost. Shocked.
  • Well, who wouldn’t?
  • Imagine if you yourself, who had lived your life in the orphanage and just got the chance to live alone when you were legal, suddenly found out that you, have you last family living around the town, how would you feel?
  • I bet, SHOCKED is even an understatement for your feelings because it isn’t. You won’t be shocked. You will be afraid. Scared. Terrified.
  • And yes, that is exactly how Patrice feels right now.
  • What’s worse is that the ‘last family’ she has only gave her a letter. No, a note. A freaking note telling her to go to a darn restaurant at 6pm.
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