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Chapter 54

  • It’s been a week since that incident happened.
  • Patrice and L were back to school in no time. Infinite knew about what happened and they all began to bombard L questions like why didn’t he tell them, why didn’t they know sooner and all. But they were all relieved that Patrice is fine.
  • Jillian, as what her mother told L, went out for a vacation to reflect on her actions. Or maybe to clean up her mind. That was good for her though. She needed to free herself from stress.
  • Jacob also has recovered fully. He is now working again and yes, he is still working underground. Patrick was happy for him because he got his own life back.
  • So, probably, after a week, everything went back to normal.
  • “Hey!” Patrice hissed loudly at L, who was sleeping in the library while she explained the lesson for that day.
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