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Luck And You

Luck And You

Fantastic Yeoja

Last update: 2021-09-28

Chapter 1

  • “Patrice! On table 5 please?” Mrs. Lee ordered.
  • Patrice Kwon is an orphan. She is a strong girl who works at a café part time as she goes to school during the day.
  • Yes. Orphan. Her parents died due to an accident when she was still 5 years old. She stayed at the orphanage until she could live on her own, which she is doing right now. She lives in a small apartment at a not – so – cool neighborhood.
  • All her life, she has been wanting to have a better living, a rich family. It was her wish: to be adopted by a rich family.
  • She always watched the kids in the orphanage as they were adopted by rich couples who can’t have a child, by people who wants to have a child but doesn’t want to have a husband or wife, by parents who have just had to pass the time of their child’s death.
  • Yes, how she wanted to be the one to be adopted by those.
  • But nah, she wasn’t adopted.
  • Although, that didn’t stop her determination to be rich. Just as when she was freed from the orphanage, she looked for jobs and a place to stay at.
  • She had 3 jobs to start with and to catch up with the bills. Sure, it was really hard for her. But she made it. Right now, she is studying with a part time job to keep her alive. Sure, it is tiring, but that’s life.
  • Patrice went back to the counter once she had served the table 5.
  • Mina smiled at her. “Tired now?” She asked.
  • Patrice smiled back. “I have no time to be tired right now, do I?” She asked looking at the bunch of people inside the café.
  • Mina chuckled and shook her head. “No. You don’t.” She said.
  • Mina is Patrice’s friend who also works on that café. She, also, is a working student. She would study by day and work at night. She has a family who lives in the province that depends on her. Yes, even though she is just a student.
  • Patrice approached the new costumers who had just entered the shop.
  • “Good Evening! Welcome to Lee Café!” She greeted politely.
  • The girls just shrug her off. “Move, Patrice Kwon.” Jillian said as she pushed Patrice out of the way and followed her friends inside.
  • Patrice glared at Jillian’s back. How she hated that girl.
  • Jillian Lee is the daughter of Mrs. Lee, who owns the shop. She studies at the prestigious Woollim High where a lot of rich people go to. She always has her way to get all her luxuries she needed because her parents treat her so well, as their only daughter.
  • “What are you doing there staring at me, Patrice Kwon? Come and take our order!” Jillian shouted at Patrice making her embarrassed inside the café.
  • Patrice rolled her eyes inwardly and balled her fist on the sides. *This girl. She’s so bossy. Like she’s the one giving me my wage!* She screamed inside her head.
  • Patrice went to the table with Jillian and friends.
  • Jillian gawked at Patrice before she turned to her friends. “Girls, order all you want. It’s all on me.” She said.
  • Then her friends grew excited and threw all their orders at Patrice who grew really confused because they talk all at the same time.
  • Patrice sighed when she cleared the orders. “I’ll get back to you with your orders. Thank you.” She bowed at them and went to the counter.
  • She threw her order sheet on the counter in full anger with Jillian. She really doesn’t get why Jillian is so harsh when her parents are really kind and nice.
  • Mina just chuckled to see her friend getting fed up by the boss’s daughter. “She’s getting into your nerves again?” She asked.
  • Patrice looked at her and gritted her teeth as she looked at Jillian chitchatting with her girlfriends. “That girl is the spawn of the devil. She is a full – blooded female dog.” She ranted leaving Mina laughing while holding her stomach.
  • Ever since Patrice came in to this café, Jillian was really bad to her. She would shout at Patrice even though Patrice wasn’t doing something wrong.
  • She would always blame Patrice even though Patrice was away when an unfortunate incident happened.
  • She would always point at Patrice whenever there was a mistake done.
  • Patrice. Patrice. Patrice. Everything is Patrice’s fault. Always.
  • “Here. Deliver to the table of the female dog.” Mina teased as she gave Patrice the tray of the orders of Jillian’s friends.
  • Patrice whined but what can she do? She has to bring this to them.
  • She groggily took the tray and walked to the table of the female dogs.
  • “Here are your orders.” She said as she gave them each of their orders.
  • Jillian just looked at her in a mean way as she chatted with her friends.
  • “Jillian, is L coming here with his friends?” The blonde girl asked.
  • L, short for Lance Kim. Jillian’s handsome boyfriend.
  • Jillian just shrugged. “I am not sure but I think so.” She said as she took a sip at her macchiato. Then her face turned sour. “Pwe! What kind of drink is this?! Why is it so sweet?!” She asked making Patrice jump in shock.
  • Jillian glared at her. “I don’t like this.” She said. “Give me another one.” She ordered.
  • Patrice gasped. “But that’s what you ordered.” She reasoned.
  • Jillian glared at her more. “Do I look like I care? Change this or I’ll tell mom about this!” She threatened.
  • Patrice sighed and took the drink. She turned around and didn’t notice that someone is behind her.
  • “OMG!” Patrice gasped.
  • The drink spilled on the guy’s shirt.
  • “What the fuck!” The guy said. “Aren’t you looking where you are going?!” HE asked.
  • Patrice looked at the guy with another shock. This guy was just too handsome. Too handsome to be a human.
  • She bowed repeatedly. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I will help you clean up.” She volunteered as she wiped his shirt with the tissues.
  • The guy yanked her hands away. “Tch. Why are there a lot of careless people here?!” He asked. “Jillian! Babe, tell your mom to fire this girl!” He said making Patrice widen her eyes.
  • *Fire? ME? No you can’t!* She thought as she began to tremble.
  • Jillian stood up and faced Patrice. “Hey. First you got my macchiato so sweet. And now you spilled it on my boyfriend’s shirt?! How dare you!” She shouted at her.
  • Patrice bit her lip and prevented her tears from falling. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to-“ She was cut because of Jillian.
  • “I will definitely tell mom about this.” She said as she faced the guy. “L, are you okay?” She asked.
  • L just glared at Patrice and sighed. “Yeah. I’m fine.” He replied.
  • Jillian smiled and pecked his lips then she turned to Patrice on the side. “What are you still doing here? Go! Now!” She yelled making Patrice walk to the kitchen.