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Chapter 34

  • Lesson has passed for Patrice with her heart unstable all throughout. How could it manage to stay normal when L is obviously staring at her all throughout.
  • Ms. Yu even called L’s attention in History class but no, L just couldn’t get his eyes off Patrice. And that’s what’s making Patrice uncomfortable.
  • It was hard for her to face him because he had confessed to her. And it is even harder for her now because L is nonstop staring at her. Like he would want to own her in that stare.
  • Everyone in class was curious about what happened between the cat and dog couple that would make them act like this. This awkward, uncomfortable, and somehow, that transformation in L’s cold image to this cute and smiling appearance.
  • How the hell did this happen?
  • Even Helga and the Infinite members don’t know what happened to these two.
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