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Chapter 24

  • “Piper? Are you fine?”
  • A man’s voice echoed across the room. I rubbed my eyes and sat up in the bathtub. It had been three weeks since seeing Syl after the harrowing encounter back in the Darkside, as Kaiser named it.
  • We were in Kaiser’s hotel room after a long day of member ‘solicitation’. Fortunately, after the incident, I was lucky not to run into Syl again. That flabbergasted look on his face and how he ran after me just made me worried that he would find out that I had returned and was involved in this trade. If not that I had changed my number to the sim provided by Griselda, he would probably have attempted to contact me.
  • On the day I formally started work with Kaiser, he had even bought me a phone when I showed him that the operating system of my phone didn’t support the latest version that was required to run the membership application. I presumed that Kaiser had the phone heavily tracked as well.
  • For weeks, on and off, we had each other’s companionship. I was now growing used to his
  • “Piper?”
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