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Chapter 22

  • Kaiser Klef Solutions
  • I wore a bold black short dress with matching boots to meet Kaiser. The dress clung tightly to my abdomen and left nothing to the imagination. To increase the heat of my attire, I wore a matching set of black lacy undergarments. I didn’t know if Kaiser was going to toss me to the wolves today, but I had to be ready.
  • I didn’t forget my confidence as I stepped into the building. Recognising me, the male receptionist dialled the number to Kaiser’s floor. I learned that he had a special office on another floor.
  • “Miss Griselda would like to see you.”
  • I nodded and entered the elevator. There was nothing curious for me to find out about this woman who I clearly remembered as Kaiser’s partner in the plane. Probably she already knew about our hanky panky yesterday. However, I recalled how Kaiser wasn’t very nice with her on the flight. Would she take this injustice she suffered against me?
  • I told myself I had suffered more hardships than to be put down easily by anyone’s bullying. As I took a few long strides ahead, I saw Griselda. She made her presence known with a cough.
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