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Chapter 18

  • “Meal reservation, Miss?”
  • I looked towards the stewardess with two weary eyes. This was the second time I was travelling on such a long-haul flight. The male passenger beside me appeared mysterious but I wasn’t inclined on knowing more, especially about a member of the opposite sex.
  • On his opposite side, his female companion was engrossed in trying to get his attention. She was the perfect definition of artificial: plastic surgery, false eyelashes, and a fake attitude, which I caught easily. Fortunately, I had a seat near the window, so I could watch the view outside without a care for either of them.
  • I shook my head. She turned to the man.
  • “Whatever.”
  • The stewardess checked her clipboard and returned with two trays filled with meals. I understood that travellers with allergies could pre-book meals, but right now, that wasn’t my priority. I just wanted to get home.
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