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Chapter 40

  • “Reached.”
  • I got down from the motorcycle, hugging myself tightly against the cold wind. In my ears, Kaiser’s voice reminded me not to let down my guard. But right now, my heart was betraying me.
  • All over a man who was Kaiser’s brother-in-law, and moreover, on our first meeting!
  • Just minutes ago, I had gripped his shoulders tightly to counter the fast speed of the motorcycle. It became clear to me what I missed out on in all the men I had been with.
  • Especially with Kaiser. Not only was it arduous to read his mind, but with his coldness, I didn’t know my place in his heart.
  • We were standing just outside a cabin on the outskirts of town, which undoubtedly was his property. However, instead of feeling how I normally felt when serving a customer, I felt like I was a neglected wife ready to experience the sins of cheating on her husband. I didn’t know what to think, other than being drawn in by the moment.
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