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Chapter 42

  • A week later
  • The next time I met with Carson was at a supermarket. I was pushing along a heavy trolley and picking out the groceries that I knew Kaiser would love most. Air-flown Australian strawberries, New Zealand grass-fed butter, the best cuts of red meat, some additional protein shakes from the healthy section, and so on. Recently Carson had been intrigued by testimonies from athletes on the ketogenic diet that he was determined to do the same. While I had a superb metabolic rate and didn’t need to go on any diet, I was spurred to accompany and motivate him on his journey.
  • I had travelled around the area to other supermarkets to procure all the required items on my shopping list, knowing he would be away for a few days for business. Or more, considering he never told me about his agenda. He had taken his passport and a few clothes, so I presumed he would be travelling for quite a bit.
  • The last tub of whey protein was located all the way up on a rack where I couldn’t reach easily, so I was surprised when Carson made his grand appearance and helped me grab the tub off the shelf. With his six-foot height, it wasn’t a problem. I smiled casually and uttered my thanks. Then I pushed my trolley as I grabbed further items from the aisle, acting busy so that I didn’t seem too easy.
  • “Hey, do you need any help?” He brisk-walked to catch up with me. I looked up briefly. He wore a fashionable plain black jacket and a comfortable pair of blue denim jeans, where a bulge in his right pocket revealed his smartphone. His hair was slicked back with some soft gel, and he appeared to have a new haircut. Dashing, but I reserved my feelings for Kaiser.
  • “I’m good. I still have a lot of items to grab,” I lied.
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