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Chapter 33

  • Chapter Thirty Three
  • Damien carried Tasha into the guest room he used to sleep in at Dale’s house. He stood and watched Mike place a sleeping DJ next to her before he covered them both. He kissed their foreheads and told them he loved them before he followed Mike out, making sure to keep the light on but dim. Dale met him at the door with a bottle of beer.
  • “You look like you could use this?”
  • Damien grabbed the bottle and spat, “What would you care?” before downing a generous amount.
  • “Look, I know I’ve been an ass about this but you need to understand my side in all of this. Hell, you saw it yourself when she suddenly turned into Terminator.”
  • Damien ignored the reference he’d used himself, infact, he chose to forget the few minutes that felt like hours where the woman he loved turned into a killing machine.
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