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Chapter 11

  • Chapter Eleven
  • He carefully placed her in the passenger seat and did up her belt. He quickly closed the door and ran around to the driver’s side and got in. He cheered when he saw she’d left the key in the ignition—stupid but presently, brilliant.
  • From the rearview mirror, he saw DJ struggle against his belt to lean forward and touch Ellsa.
  • “Sit back buddy. I’m going to drive really fast and I need you safe and secure in your seat.”
  • Without question, DJ sat back holding Damien’s gaze in the rearview mirror. “Does she have a temperature? Is she sweating?”
  • Damien turned on the car and pulled out looking around him for tail cars. They weren’t expecting Ellsa to drive out. Damien was supposed to have her in custody and quietly walk her to the corner where the FBI were waiting—opposite to where he was headed now. Dale was sure she was staking out a kid to kidnap. He was going to flip when he found out that the kid was his own nephew—double the relation.
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