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Chapter 24

  • Chapter Twenty Four
  • “Breakfast!” Tasha yelled, serving up the eggs, bacon and flapjacks onto the kitchen island. They didn’t have a table but the island served its purpose and even when she or Damien was cleaning up, the other and DJ would remain seated and they would talk about everything and nothing until bedtime. Weird yes, but it made her feel like her family was realer than fantasy, because truthfully, the past month has felt like a fantasy to her. She keeps waiting for the other shoe to drop and ruin their easy breezy life. Would it be Tom or Mike and Elaine, or someone from Damien’s side?
  • She jumped at the touch on her neck and her shoulders were quickly grabbed, holding her still.
  • “Hey, easy there. What’s got you so jumpy?”
  • She turned in Damien’s arms to face him and forced a smile, “Nothing, but look how long your hair has gotten,” she tagged his long hair that was falling around his face for emphasize. “You know DJ is going to want to grow out his hair too because of it. He wants to do everything daddy does.”
  • He brushed his hair back with his hand, “Yeah I know. I was planning to get it cut today when I go out for groceries. Are you sure you are okay?”
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