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Chapter 45

  • Epilogue: Introducing Fatal Desire
  • Elaine watched Ellsa’s family keep vigil over her the sixth night in a row. They’d turned the safe house into their second home, abandoning their children with their parents and taking over the warehouse and Ellsa’s care. She had to seclude their side and make use of half the warehouse for other questionable characters in need of medical attention that couldn’t go to normal hospitals. Sure, the facility was set up for Ellsa, with the staff comprising of all the people that still breathed because she didn’t carry out her orders and hid them instead. They all owed her their lives and Elaine had made sure to drive that point home in case they forgot. After she’d recovered from her first surgery and the facility wasn’t needed anymore, Mike thought to make money off it. And considering how well their pockets were lined now, it wasn’t such a bad idea.
  • “Katarina.”
  • Elaine stilled for just a second. With her hand inching to her side for the Glock strapped to her thigh, she turned around slowly. With a smile, she’d been forced to learn, “Derek, long time no see. Is this visit personal or business?”
  • Derek stared at her thigh then back up at her face. He stepped forward and she stepped back until she back peddled right into a room. His plan all along apparently.
  • “Personal. Imagine my surprise to learn my cousins were getting medical help at a location we’ve been trying to find for months.”
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