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Chapter 35

  • Chapter Thirty Five
  • Mike tipped his head in a maybe nod, “You could try, but I wouldn’t recommend it.”
  • “So the chip—all the innocent people she killed, it wasn’t her fault,” Ellie practically yelled. The hope in her voice stilled Damien. “Elaine, am I right?”
  • She nodded, “I was appointed to watch her, see how the chip worked. I became her second handler, a first in the company. Yes, her body wasn’t her own. It was hard to watch, even harder to watch how it ate at her. Her mind was beginning to fracture, but the last push to insanity was when she was ordered to kill Ellie. Vladimir was under the impression that if Ellie was out of the picture Ellsa might actually love him back. Stupid childlike idiot.”
  • “Is that why she hurt me?”
  • Dale let go of Damien and went back to his wife. Daniel moved to stand between him and Mike.
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