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Chapter 38

  • Chapter Thirty Eight
  • “Everything inside me screamed for me to get up and run, ask questions after I was out of the bed. I was so scared and so confused. Nothing around me looked familiar. Then the boy whined, turned his head side to side with a big frown on his face as if he felt my distress. I laid very still, convinced myself there was a reason I was sharing a bed with a little boy and a grown man. That if I gave it time, my memories would come back. I struggled to remember until my head started to pound and a buzzing filled my ears. I wanted to cry, but I didn’t want to wake them. So I held the boy tight to my chest and pressed closer to the man. In his sleep he drew us to him and clutched us tight to him, then he pressed his lips to my forehead and murmured ‘VS’.”
  • “Victoria Secret,” Ellie supplied, “He likes to call you Victoria Secret—”
  • “Because I looked like I walked out of the lingerie catalog the first time we met,” she smiled shyly, “I remember. The erection pressed to my hip shifted my mind into gear.”
  • Ellie laughed almost dropping the bowl of eggs she was beating.
  • “It all came flooding back and then it stopped with you standing at the door, holding the strap of your handbag with both hands as if you were afraid you would be mugged at any second, with tears in your eyes. Before the darkness descended on me a single thought that came to my mind was I know that woman and I know why she has my face on hers,” She turned to Ellie fully, “We’re twins aren’t we?”
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