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Chapter 36

  • Chapter Thirty Six
  • Thinking of Amelia always made her think of her own mother. Would she say the same thing about Elaine’s little trip or would she be against it? It saddened Elaine not knowing.
  • She turned to face the presence next to her. Derek was there looking at her with concern. Her guard was dropping lower and lower with each passing day, she barely noticed things as fast as she used to. Like another person in the room. Before, she would have been instantly awake the moment Katya sat up on her bed. She would have known instantly that Alonzo was at her door even before he opened it. Her eyes would have locked onto Derek when he made the slightest movement and watched as he sat down beside her. She would have been stiff beside him, waiting to see what he would do before she felt safe enough to relax.
  • It made her apprehensive how at ease she was. She was afraid that one day she would be so lax she wouldn’t be able to protect her family when danger came looking.
  • She hadn’t forgotten Dimitri. She hoped he still felt sorry enough for her to keep her whereabouts a secret, but Volkov was his boss and owned his loyalty. She should be preparing for him when and if Dimitri sold her out and Volkov came looking. But that would mean going back to being Katarina and she didn’t want that, not one bit.
  • “Babe, why are you so quiet?”
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