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Chapter 27

  • Chapter Twenty Seven
  • Elaine looked to her side at Derek where he sat in the driver seat of his Mustang, a pair of binoculars perched on his nose. She was still surprised that he’d offered to help her. She, on the other hand, wished she hadn’t offered to help Daniel. It had been instinctual a knee-jerk reaction to keep him safe. Something she’d adapted to doing since she and Tasha had gotten close over five years ago. But now that she’d had time to think about what exactly she had offered, she got this sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. She’d gone to extreme extents to get out of the game for good, to be normal, to create a safe and healthy environment for Katya to grow up in. But now here she was, risking it all for Daniel and his married girlfriend. She suddenly remembered why she was averse to forming relationships.
  • “Who’s Katya?”
  • “What?”
  • Derek lowered the binoculars and spared her just a glance before he turned to look back at Daniel’s house. They were parked six houses down the street, far enough not to arouse a hit man’s suspicion but close enough to get there in a minute when trouble went knocking.
  • “All the kids are named after someone in the family, I figured you picked up the trend. So who is Katya?”
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