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Chapter 37

  • Chapter Thirty Seven
  • “The day after I turned fifteen, I was feeling a little depressed that no one had bothered to celebrate it. Of course, it had been like that for ten years but that year, I was fed up of being ignored. I stormed into my father’s office, during his meeting with other mob heads and demanded to be seen. I told him I didn’t die with my mother so I shouldn’t be ignored. That her death wasn’t my fault so he needed to stop treating me like it was. For the first time I saw something in his eyes besides contempt,” she smiled sadly, “I thought I’d finally gotten his respect, made him see me. He told me to go back to my room, that he had a birthday present for me. One that I would never forget.” The cup in her hand shook and if it wasn’t for the lack of steam Derek would have been worried about her burning herself when she did spill it.
  • “I was so excited, especially when my bodyguard Ivan told me to get dressed and ready to go out on a trip. I trusted him. The man was at my door twenty-four seven for most of my life. I saw him more often than I did my father. If he said the sun was blue, the moon as red and fairies existed, I believed him. I always believed him no matter what. I made sure I was dressed to impress. I didn’t want to disappoint my father when he’d finally noticed me. I got to the car and it was just me and Ivan. Ian his brother drove us. I was disappointed when my dad didn’t join us, but Ivan assured me he would meet us there. It was part of the surprise.”
  • With her free hand she scratched her neck, her eyes darting around and her breath came a little harshly. Derek felt himself shake. He knew what was coming next and he wasn’t ready to hear it. Fuck he didn’t want to hear it!
  • “Elaine…”
  • The sound of tearing fabric filled the room. She’d torn the front of her t-shirt from the neckline to the middle. She pushed it open as her breath came fast and hard. “Vladimir was there when we arrived. He said father had sent him ahead, told him to give Ivan his instructions on my surprise. The next thing I knew, arms wrapped around me tight from behind. Then Vladimir stared down at me and said father had asked Ivan to teach me how to be strong, loyal to the family. I didn’t understand until I got into the house,” her face crumbled and she cried out, “inside the bedroom. I was at his house, his room. The man I trusted above all else ruined my life.” She tossed the cup she held and it shattered against the wall behind Derek.
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