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Chapter 14

  • Chapter Fourteen
  • Even though the house made her apprehensive security wise, she loved it. It was a great home to start over, to birth new memories, and it was a great investment for Katya’s future. She just hoped all the security installations she wanted to be done would be finished by tonight. She knew a guy who owed her a favor who knew a guy great for what she had in mind. She just hoped that they don’t arouse unnecessary attention or suspicions from her neighbors.
  • Neighbors. Elaine had grown to be able to live next to a bunch of strangers without running background checks, breaking into their houses to investigate and being suspicious of their every move. In other words, she didn’t do neighbors.
  • No, Katarina didn’t do neighbors. I Elaine Smith… don’t mind neighbors… much.
  • She ran up the steps to her porch to the door and opened it. “Welcome to my humble aboard,” she announced stepping into her messy house.
  • “Ah ah, you’re just going to have to hire a crew for this,” Damien howled from the door. He hadn’t even stepped into the house.
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