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Chapter 131 Durex

  • But when I saw who it was, I heaved a sigh of relief and smiled. “Fancy seeing you here, Joseph.”
  • Joseph took the other bag from me like the gentleman he was. “I was looking into a copyright violation case here, then I saw you hauling these to your car.”
  • “It’s been a while since I shopped, so I bought a bit more than I intended,” I said sheepishly, and I saw Roy striding to the parking lot, while Lena was catching up to him, though her heels were making it hard for her.
  • Joseph put my stuff in the trunk and slammed it shut. “Let’s go. There’s a decent seafood restaurant around. My treat.” He got into my car like he owned the thing and asked me for the key.
  • I stood outside for a moment before handing him the key and went into the passenger seat, then he drove toward the restaurant. “I was about to appeal after the case was done, but Nancy said you aren’t appealing, and she even took you on a trip. Then I accepted a troublesome case that’s still ongoing right now, so I didn’t come over after you came back.”
  • I smiled. “Yeah, I just came back from Lycoria. Stayed for a month, since the air’s really good there.”
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