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Chapter 95 Pregnant Friend

  • That was indeed my fault, but it had been a while since then. Mentioning it only made him look petty, and I felt annoyed. However, it was technically my fault, so I held my vexation in. “I’m sorry.”
  • “An apology doesn’t cut it.” He looked at me.
  • “I’ll pay for your medical expenses, Mr. Walker,” I added.
  • “That’s more like it.” He eased up and didn’t stare at me anymore. “Not everyone is as agreeable as I am, Miss Hawkins. When are you going to pay the fees then?”
  • He was annoying. If it weren’t because we were in public, I would have tossed a stack of cash on his face. “I’m busy today,” I replied, holding my anger down. “I’ll call you some other day, Mr. Walker.”
  • “Busy visiting your pregnant friend?” There was mockery in his eyes.
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