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Chapter 86 Distract Carson

  • It was only for a fraction of a moment, but I noticed it. “You’ve been working hard, honey. You fell asleep hugging me last night. I was heartbroken seeing you like this.”
  • I caressed his face lovingly, holding back my disgust. “Take care of yourself, honey. If you were to fall, what should we do?”
  • After I put on this loving show, Carson didn’t suspect I was the culprit who drugged his drink. Instead, he felt touched. “Don’t worry.” He held my hand. “I’m Superman. Ain’t that easy for me to fall.”
  • “But I worry about you,” I replied cutely and pulled my hand back. “I made this for you, honey.” Holding the bowl of porridge on the bedside, I told him, “Have it while it’s hot.”
  • He looked at the porridge in surprise. “You made this, honey?”
  • “Not alone. Victoria taught me. Have a taste, honey.”
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